This company is affiliated to and mandated by a reputable large scale mine which was incorporated in Ghana and commenced business the first time as a small-scale gold mining venture in 1995, after which it acquired a 56.13sq kilometer large-scale mining concession situated at Kibi in the Eastern Region part of Ghana within the Kibi - Winneba gold belt according to Ghana’s Geological Survey Map and as evidenced by an Agreement executed between the Government of the Republic of Ghana and the company registered at the Land Registry as No. LVB 212 / 2003 and renewed by the Minerals Commission in 2005. We have made it possible for every genuine person or Group of Company to be able to start Gold business through our business strategy listed bellow:
hand_right  OUR EXPECTATIONS!!!

(1) We are looking for a serious Gold buyer on CASH AND CARRY transaction or foreign investors for partnership basis on mining.
(2) We are also seeking for a respective business personal who have contact to sale Au Gold Bars in large quantity, We are ready to supply on Credit Basis to any genuine individual or group of company that wish to sign a business contract with us, and shipping charges of the gold will be paid by you.

We wish to established business trust with any person who has experience to market Au Gold in large quantity. Our total amount was expected to be transferred into our account after a successful delivery and gold confirmed to be 22+ Carats and 95% Purity, within 31days for those that signed to buy on credit basis. It is our desire to supply blow the world market price per kilo and our hands are open to welcome you in Ghana if you are opportune.


1st), Did you wish to buy Gold by Cash and Carry which is FOB transaction?
Did you wish our Company to supply you how many kilogram (50 OR 100) of Gold on Credit bases and which you must proof your capability of handling the transaction and transferring our total amount to us WITHIN a period of 1 Month, counting from the day our Gold is in your position? The seller was expected to be a capable person that has ability to finance the shipment of his/her shipment cost charges.

It will be our pleasure to meet you in person if you have opportunity to come down to Ghana. But if you can't come, we will appreciate to prepare a business contract agreement (MOU) for you to sign before any transact will take place. We will like to know your faith to build a strong business relationship with our company, and to enable us know the type of agreement we will send to you via e-mail attachment if you can't come down to Ghana.


We will be glad to welcome you in Ghana as you may understand your benefit for visiting us in Ghana is so great because, that will enable you to inspect our mining in advance of feature relationship.
2) We are willing to give you a visa to Ghana if you wish to come and to enable you witness the Gold and do assay in a refinery or with your testing machine if you come with any before paying for the shipment.

3) Your coming to Ghana will enable both of us to move to a Bank and deposit some gold in the Bank on account nobody will have access to the gold until the successful delivery of the total quantity we agree open, and which will stands as a Grantee or collateral for the money equivalent you paid for the shipping and tax charges.

ALTERNATIVELY: if you can't come to Ghana because of the nature of your work, we can also prepare a business agreement and send it to you via e-mail attachment for you to sign and return back to us.
For the shipment, the 3.5% of the total quantity of the Gold (100 or 50 kilos) you requested will be transferred to us for an immediate procurement of every necessary document that was needed for the shipment for those who can not come down to Ghana:

In this regard, we are in a position to supply refined gold dust or bars to any prospective overseas buyer who in turn could play the role of Sponsor / Financier towards the exploration of the huge gold deposits discovered in our concession in line with the Minerals and Mining Law of Ghana (1986) PNDCL-153.



PRODUCT: - Au Gold Dore Bars

QUALITY:  - Not less than 22 carat with a minimum purity of 95%.

QUANTITY: -  As Requested.

PRICE:         - Negotiable in USD$


5. METHOD OF TESTING / ASSAYING / MELTING: Samples are to be taken randomly from the gold bars by buyer or his representative for analysis / assay at any recognized Laboratory in Ghana i.e. Ghana Geological Survey Department. An assay report will be issued to this effect. After testing, consignment will be sealed in the presence of Buyer and Seller and deposited at a security vault or bank pending processing and completion of relevant shipping documents for eventual shipment to buyer’s delivery point.

6. TERMS OF PAYMENT: A recoverable fee of 3.5% of the total face value of the consignment is to be paid by buyer via SWIFT / TELEGRAPHIC transfer into Seller’s account after goods have been tested and proven to be satisfactory. This payment is for the purpose of processing the official export documents like Customs & Excise Duty Permit obtainable from the Ghana Geological Survey Department, Ministry of Mines & Forestry fee, Minerals Commission’s (Stool / Royalties) and Airfreight / Security Handling Charges. Seller and Buyer’s representatives will of course accompany the merchandise to witness further refinery / analysis that would be carried out abroad.

7. PROPOSED JOINT VENTURESHIP: Should it happen that the Buyer shows interest in this regard, there is the possibility of us entering into a joint venture with the Buyer purchasing 70% of the shares of the company vis-à-vis the investor’s financial commitment.

8. INVITATION: Due to the sensitive nature of gold transactions world-wide, we deem it appropriate that Buyer or his representative comes down personally to Ghana to see things in their right perspective before any further commitment by both parties could taken.